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A new musical cabaret celebrating cinema's greatest cougar!


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About the show

Fifty years ago, Mrs Robinson seduced The Graduate and became a legend in her own leopard print. But what makes a woman become like Mrs Robinson? And what happened to her next? In this funny, provocative and uplifting show, Fiona Coffey and her dashing musicians, Michael Roulston and Jonathan Kitching, use slinky jazz and sixties pop to explore Mrs Robinson’s journey from college girl, to embittered 50s housewife, to suburban swinger.


You’ll get a chance to try some Mrs Robinson pick-up lines, and go away with a surprisingly inspirational message from cinema’s greatest cougar! Could a touch of Mrs Robinson change your life?

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Mrs Robinson's pick up lines

Mrs Robinson’s seduction strategy is simple and scarily effective! And the show features a competition for the best Mrs Robinson pick-up line. All you need to do is think of a brazen request, and then back it up with a highly plausible explanation. For example, “Benjamin, could you take off your shirt and pass it to me? I haven’t any clean tea towels to dry these dishes with.”


There’s a prize for the best entry. So to get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the best from our audiences so far….

Could you take your ...

Could you take your trousers off?I need to hang up my coat.

You may want to take...

You may want to take your trousers off. There are dog hairs on the sofa.

Please kiss my lips ...

Please kiss my lips immediately.I’ve lost my lip balm and they need moistening.

Can you come up to m...

Can you come up to my bedroom?My Ikea bed is wobbly, here is the Allen key to tighten it.

Would you roll me a ...

Would you roll me a condom?The courgette needs preserving in the Frigidaire.

Would you take off a...

Would you take off all your clothes and try on this thong?I want to see if my husband would look good in it.

Is it OK if I sat on...

Is it OK if I sat on your lap?I’m having my other chair re-upholstered.

Would you like to co...

Would you like to come upstairs with me?We live in a flood plain and it’s starting to rain quite heavily.

Mind if I put my han...

Mind if I put my hands in your trouser pocket?I’ve left my gloves at home.

Would you mind takin...

Would you mind taking your pants off?I need to test drive the washing machine.



The Sound of Mrs Robinson


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A touch of Mrs Robinson
Fiona Coffey




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